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(figures by Front Rank )

(flags by GMB Designs)

13th Light Dragoons



General William Beresford

General Thomas Picton

General Robert Crauford

3rd Regiment of Foot

(The Buffs ,East Kent)

50th Regiment of Foot

(The West Kent Regiment)

Wargames Foundry

Scots Greys

(figures by Front Rank and Companion Miniatures)

(flags by GMB Designs)

British Foot Artillery

(Gun #2)

(Gun #1)

British 66th (Berkshire) Regiment of Foot

3rd Dragoon Guards


The 95th (Rifle) Regiment


British 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot


British Mounted Officers

Front Rank Mounted Officer 31/01/2012


Front Rank Mounted Officer 31/01/2012

British 31st (Huntingdon) Regiment of Foot

31st British Regt.of Foot (Huntingdon) 31/01/2012



British 3rd East Kent Regiment of Foot (Buffs)

Colonel Francis Dundas and his 71st (Glasgow Highland) Light Infantry Regt.

Colonel Francis Dundas Colonel Francis Dundas Colonel Francis Dundas
Companion Miniatures Companion Miniatures

Lt.Gen. Stapleton Cotton , Peninsula 1812

(figure is by Front Rank)

(figures by Front Rank)

(flags by GMB Designs)

General Robert Crauford (Black Bob)

British 52nd Light Regiment


British 43rd Light Regiment


The Duke of Wellington

The 95th (Rifle) Regiment

British 2nd Battalion, 2nd (Coldstream) Guards

British 44th East Essex Regiment

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