World War 2


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Late War German from Artizan Designs


Late World War 2 Germans in Winter Uniforms


Pak 40 with Summer and Winter Uniforms

Medium Machine Gun


Forward Observation Post


German 88 mm Flak Gun and crew

Model by Frog / Fuman and crew are Bolt Action Miniatures



German Armoured Car Sd.Kfz. 222

Model by ICM


German Kubel Wagan

Model by Tamiya and crew are Wargames Foundry


German Motorcycle Combination

Model by Fuman


Artizan Designs



World War 2 German Maintenance crew

Wargames Foundry Early WW2 Germans



German Schwimmwagen Type 166

(Model by Tamiya 1/48)


German Downed Aircrew

German Motorcycle Combination

German Fallschirmjager

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